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Presentations & Panels

A Reality Capture Overview: How We “See” It

AI-Powered Remote Sensing Analytics for the Built Environment

Beyond BIM: Emphasizing the “C” in VDC

Bring Your Laser Scan Data to the Cloud to Enable Collective BIM and Digital Twin Workflows

Cintoo Cloud: A Multimodal SaaS Platform for Your Reality Capture Data

Cool Kids on the Block

Data & Deliverables Panel 2022

Data Comparison and Applications of UAV: Drone Imagery Based Point Clouds vs. LiDAR Point Clouds

Data-Driven Decision Making Powered by Reality Capture

DFW Airport – A Digital Journey to Digital Twin

Digital Reality Ecosystem: Moving to a Visual Way of Working

Digital Twins and the Metaverse: The Future of Physical and Digital Realities

Enhance and Exploit Your Point Clouds with a Complete Web Platform Dedicated to Reality Capture

Everything You Think You Know About Reality Capture Could Be Wrong

Field Technology & Innovation

Field Technology: Reality Capture Implementation at DPR

Four Ways to Transform Unstructured Data Into Actionable Information

Historic Preservation Using Reality Capture

InfiPoints: Enhancing Point Cloud Collaboration with a Streamlined Workflow, VR, and 3D Design

Introducing CupixWorks

Land Surveying & Reality Capture Panel 2021

Land Surveying and Reality Capture Panel 2022

Laser Scan: Solutions in Action – The Pearl, San Antonio TX

Laser Scanning for All Discipline Coordination

Leveraging Reality Capture Data to Solve Tomorrow’s Infrastructure Challenges

Leveraging Reality Capture on a Complex TI Project

Neural Rendering: Disruption vs. Hype

Overview and Demo of ClearEdge 3D

Print a Scan, Save Money

Reality Capture – Time to Consumption

Reality Capture in Coordination

Reality Capture in Forensics and Public Safety

Reality Capture: Digitizing the Built Environment for all Stake Holders

Reality Capture: Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

Scan to BIM Panel 2021

Scan to BIM: Large Scale Infrastructure

Site Visualization

Super Fast, Dirt Simple, Everyday 360 Capture and Tracking

The Future Built on Reality Data

The Future of Reality Capture Panel 2021

The Future of Reality Capture Panel 2022

The Key That Unlocks the True Potential of the Metaverse

The Magic of VR

Tool or Toy: LiDAR Scanning with the Latest iPhones & iPads

Unleashing the Power of Reality Capture

When Clouds Collide

Women in AEC & Technology Panel 2021

Women in AEC & Technology Panel 2022

R-CON 2024 Announced

October 8 - 10, 2024
Boise, Idaho

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