The Re/Cap – Issue #5: Ancient Temple 3D + “Wet Scans” + Drone AI

It’s Tuesday Re/Cappers! Because we’ll touch on preservation, did you know the U.S. National Park Service has a Heritage Documentation program, going 85 years strong?! Oh, and they love them some laser scanning!

These heroes were already clearing trails for us, in fantastic hats, and reminding us to hang food so a grizzly doesn’t turn us into an hors d’oeuvre. And now this coolness?!

What’s Cappenin’ This Week: 3Ding a 1,500-year-old temple, the AI & drone marriage, Dr. Digital Twin, a concrete white paper for a flatness revolution, and an AEC error of the week that travels to Deutschland for the worst layover EVER.

Last week on TV laser scanning for gearheads, metrology lookbacks and lookaheads, digital twins looking like Amazon stock in the aughts, Sony getting special LiDAR love, and a big whoops in the Big Apple for an AEC Error of the Week.

Come for the Scanning, Stay for the Monkeys: The Digital Preservation of a 1,500-Year-Old Temple & UNESCO Heritage Site

Believed to have been erected in 460 A.D., the Swayambhunath Temple is among the holiest Buddhist stupas in Nepal. And to a small team of American reality capturers, it might now be the most personal.
“Cool lasers. Hey, rate my banana consumption workflow?” Image credit &Beyond.
Helmed by a professor and research scientist at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the team has employed 3D laser scans, photogrammetry and drone photography to capture the venerated temple. The biggest obstacle for this project backed by Lenovo and NVIDIA? Crowds and monkeys! If a reality capture obstacle course-based TV show ever gets greenlit, we might just have our first challenge!

SkAI’s the Limit: The Radiant Future of Drones & Artificial Intelligence

When you were a tyke, do you remember hearing that if you consumed Pop Rocks with Coca-Cola you’d EXPLODE?

Ain’t quite true. BUT, if it was, it’d be a perfect metaphor for what happens to productivity when merging, instead of candy & soda…AI & drones. 
appinventiv has blessed us with a sweeping analysis: how the two will work in unison, drone industry pain points to be alleviated, applications, implementations, projections, ethics & privacy, and beyond!

Rock Solid? More Like Rock Liquid, Thanks to New “Wet Scans” of Concrete

Concrete QC has been stagnant for ages. Now it’s in fine, futuristic form thanks to some ingenuity at Rogers-O’Brien Construction.
The dawn of a new, silky smooth era for concrete. Image credit LinkedIn.
Thanks to its shrewd field engineers, “Texas’ Premier Builder” has published a white paper, “Modernizing Concrete Quality Control with Wet Scanning.” Wait’ll you construction pros see what LiDAR scans can now yield for you.

Shoutout to Michael Clark of Rogers-O’Brien for unveiling this on the RCN Forum. Read the white paper below!

Digital Twins Could Be to Our Health, What the Microscope Was to Science

What if the greatest gift of digital twins isn’t for what surrounds us, but what’s in us?
2024.04.16_Re_Cap 04
Can technology solve the perpetual migraine that is modern medicine? Image credit LinkedIn.
The Forbes Business Development Council entertains such potential, amidst a health care system rife with flaws. And while the digital twin is no stranger to many of you, the lesser-known digital thread’s role in personalized medicine is the stuff of utopias.


Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport, Germany. Considering all that went awry, it’s surprising ”Airport” was spelled properly. Image credit Saudi Gazette.
The image for this AECEotW was almost a dumpster. Not because it’s what Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport resembles…

…but because it’s actually where building plans for it were found after tireless searching, prompting a police investigation. Pffft, if only they could have resided in the cozy confines of one of those computer thingamahbobs that reality capture and collaboration love!

This airport’s development had more issues than it does gates, resulting in a conception-to-operation period of thirty years before its 2020 liftoff. You know things are bad when projects feel like the worst delay December 22nd has to offer.

A German outlet even published “BER’s Seven Most Embarrassing Fails” for a tidy, face-palmy review.

Reality capture would not have been a panacea for every issue that plagued BER. But considering over 120,000 defects were at some point discovered, maybe it could have kept the airport to five figures worth of defects. Heck, maybe even 9,000!

Mini Re/Caps, Podcasts, and Media

Happy capturing, and we’ll see you in next week’s Re/Cap! If you liked what you just read, a share will do the industry a built-world of good! 

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