RCN Committees Leadership Discussion


For those interested in an RCN Committee leadership role, mark your calendars for the upcoming leadership discussion. During this time, the RCN Committee Advisory Board will share the vision for committee leaders, discuss requirements and expectations for committee members, and answer any questions regarding committee leadership positions.

The role of each committee is to provide research, best practices, white papers, case studies, and to collaborate with other committees to better enhance collaboration, interoperability, advancement of each technology, educational and training material for each technology, and applications into each industry specialization.

As a committee leader, serving in this role for the duration of 12 months at a time, the responsibility is to work with others to develop the action items for the committee meetings (bi-weekly, approximately 1 hour per meeting), work together to ensure there is an agenda for each meeting, encourage attendance and participation from other committee members, and work in collaboration with other committee leaders.

Committee leadership applicants will be evaluated by the RCN Committee Advisory Board for leadership skills and experience, technical knowledge, availability to lead committee meetings consistently, ability to work collaboratively, and vision for the committee’s future.

If you have not already, you submit your interest in being an RCN Committee Leader HERE.

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