Reality Capture Conversations

The Importance of Survey Control for Reality Capture

June 20, 2023

Reality Capture Conversationsis a weekly LinkedIn audio room series hosted by Matthew Byrd and Reality Capture Network. The series provides a forum for an open, interactive discussion about topics related to new technologies and innovation in the built environment.

Professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction, and land surveying industries can benefit from tuning in to hear real-time discussion that provides insights, share experiences, and offer practical tips. Listeners are invited to participate in the conversation, ask questions, and share their own experiences.

In this week’s Reality Capture Conversations, Matthew Byrd hosts a discussion about the importance of survey control for reality capture. Listeners join to share their experiences, perspectives, and questions.

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RCN Guest Aaron Byrd

Aaron Byrd

Chief Operating Office & Director of Surveying

Nexus 3D Consulting
RCN Guest DeeDee Schwacke

DeeDee Schwacke

Survey Team Leader / Project Manager

Bowman Consulting
RCN Guest Sam Dougherty

Sam Dougherty

Vice President

RCN Guest Kirk Marple

Kirk Marple

Founder & CEO

Unstruk Data
Nate Soulje

Nate Soulje

Applications Support Specialist

RCN Guest Josh Steinert

Joshua Steinert

Scope / Scan Lead

Harrison French and Associates
RCN Guest Sarah Hoffmann

Sarah Hoffmann

Global Technical Services

RCN Guest Dominique Pouliquen

Dominique Pouliquen


RCN Guest Carlos Femmer

Carlos Femmer

Director of Data Acquisition

RCN Guest David Morczinek

David Morczinek

Co-Founder and CEO

RCN Guest Chris Rausch

Chris Rausch

Assistant Professor

UT Austin
RCN Guest Kipp Ivey

Kipp Ivey

Senior Business Development Manager

FARO Technologies

The Importance of Survey Control for Reality Capture

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