The Re/Cap – Issue #4: Scanning Restored Rides for TV + DigTwin Net Worth + LiDAR for Sony

It’s Tuesday Re/Cappers, and that means it’s Re/Cappin’ time!

You know, given that the practice of metrology has seen over ~400,000 Tuesdays (~8,000 years for you non-Isaac Newtons), there are some downright rad tools in its lineage. Check some out as a preface to one of our lead Re/Caps.

What else is cappenin’ this week: TV laser scanning for gearheads, digital twins looking like Amazon stock in the aughts, Sony getting special LiDAR love, and a Big Whoops in the Big Apple for an AEC Error of the Week.

Last week on arctic scanning amidst 1,000,000 mosquitoes, digital twin simplification, Chinese LiDAR fears, mapping marine habitat, and an Italy-based AEC Error of the Week.

TV Host & Car Wizard Has Magic Wands, AKA Laser Scanners

Salt Lake City’s Kindig-it Design boasts a quarter century of immaculate auto restoration & customization. With its hit TV show Bitchin’ Rides, it also can claim a decade of television dominance on Motor Trend. And much of it is owed to owner Dave Kindig’s obsession with 3D laser scanners.
Old cars. New tech. Staggering beauty. Image credit Develop3D.
A FARO fanatic, Dave teamed up with the scanning behemoth for an illuminating case study, “Pedal to the 3D Printed Metal: How Laser Measurement is Transforming the Automotive Industry.”

Regardless of whether you’re a gearhead, it’s a stellar profile, and the scanner talk is in overdrive.

Money Talks: The Figures Behind Digital Twins’ Beaming Future

The digital twin market was worth $10.1 billion in 2023. Within seven measly years, odds are you can 15x that!

15x! What does this real-time virtual representation think it is, NVIDIA?!?!?!
Make no mistake, hurdles be present. Security and interoperability are two hindrances to a more rapid embrace. Persuasion is its own chore in the space, given the often front-loaded nature of expense and, therefore, companies’ understandable trepidation. But it’s almost naive to think the rest of the decade won’t feature an oil-like boom of digital twin adoption and impact – especially if it disrupts health care.

Interest Piqued: Sony’s Airpeak Drone Getting New LiDAR From Inertial Labs

When things get into the triple digits for increased computing power, you know you’re cooking with gas. And that’s what Sony will be doing thanks to Inertial Labs.
The Sony Airpeak, soon to reach peak performance. Image credit The GPS Time.
The LiDAR maestros claim a 175% increase in compute from its current-generation RESEPI remote sensing payload instrument. And it’s all for Sony’s Airpeak drone to continue blossoming in mapping, surveying, and cinematic videography. Despite the exclusivity of the two-party agreement, it still instantiates the incremental progress for all reality capture.

Growth That’s Hard to Measure: Metrology’s 40-Year Evolution

Sure, the practice has been around since roughly 6,000 B.C. But in the fleeting time since Ronald Reagan was POTUS and hair metal graced our planet with its presence, it almost feels like a millennium’s worth of progress has occurred.
2024.04.09_Re_Cap 04
1980 Moore M-48Z Universal Measuring Machine, with Heidenhain DRO. Image credit Machine Hub.
Quality Magazine guides us through it in one snappy piece, going from the infancy of coordinate measuring machines, to current gifts-from-the-gods like articulated arm portable CMMs. And fret not –  a projection of the oncoming 40 years is included.


The Hudson Yards Vessel in New York City. Beehive? Shawarma? Whatever it is, as built, it wasn’t accessible for all. Image credit ABC.
The hype for NYC’s Hudson Yards Vessel was substantial. The construction, fairly smooth. The final deliverable? Expressly unique.

The reception? Deservedly awful. Aside from backlash over strict photo copyright enforcement, the developers forgot one massive thing; the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Yeah. The bloody thing was largely inaccessible to those with disabilities. So the Manhattan District Attorney got involved, and after much controversy and expense, crews were to return to install a supplemental platform lift.

Oversight happens, sure. But as DroneDeploy beautifully illustrates, reality capture is instrumental for inclusive design; hopefully the Hudson Yards Vessel will double as a vessel of lessons.

Mini Re/Caps, Podcasts, and Media

Happy capturing, and we’ll see you in next week’s Re/Cap! If you liked what you just read, a share will do the industry a built-world of good! 

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